Water and Wastewater treatment

In water and wastewater industry the NB technology could be used in many fields:

  • Wastewater aeration - we can achieve up to 16 kg O2/kWh efficiency, saving 60 % energy- never seen values before
  • NB DO2F (dissolved oxygen flotation, NB DO3F (dissolved ozone flotation) - revolutionary Flotation technology
  • Disinfection with NBO3 (NB ozonated water)
  • Advanced treatment - removing pesticides, hormones and drug residues with NBO3 OH hydroxyl radical technology
  • RO membranes cleaning
  • Sewage networks - removing H2S, FOG , in pipe hydrolyzing

Our Pilot projects to be started

1. Retrofit of aeration system with NB technology - we can easily demonstrate the superiority of NB aeration technology over the existing best aeration technology - the fine diffuser system (Aerostrip). We can rich SOTE values 8-10 kg O2/kWh for air NB systems, and 18-20 kg O2/kWh for oxygen NB systems. For NB aeration we don't need any easy to clog fine diffusers, we can use it even in shallow reactors, unlike fine diffuser systems where you need at least 5 m depth for efficiency.

NB technology makes it economical using the pure oxygen aeration process without covering the biological reactors

The most sophisticated wastewater treatment technology nowadays, the hybrid MBBR+MBR process - can be easily used with NB O2 aeration, what gives very high treatment parameters at the lowest energy consumption, a real green solution in wastewater technology.

2. Retrofit of DAF systems with NB DOF technology

The DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) is a very popular technology especially in the industrial wastewater treatment. The existing DAF technology has low energy efficiency and medium COD, BOD and SS removal rate. We can use NB DO2F technology to retrofit and upgrade significantly the old and outdated DAF technology. We can cut off the energy cost by 40 %, and raise the SS removal rate to 99%, the COD and BOD removal rate to 88%. Combining ozone into the flotation process (NBO3F) we can remove the drug and hormones residues in one step process by OH radical oxidizing.

3. Wastewater disinfection by NBO3 process

NBO3 disinfection is much more efficient than the conventional NaOCl based disinfection, the OH radicals produced when ozone bubbles collapsing, can kill all the bacteria, viruses in just seconds due to their very high ORP potential 2.8 V, the efficiency can reach six log, means 99,9999%. The process is very safe, we don't use ozone gas but ozonated NB water. The disinfectant is being generated locally onsite, so no need for transport, this way saving costs as well.

4. Advanced treatment to remove pesticides, drugs and hormones

In the most developed countries there is a steeply raising need for the removal of micro-pollutants (pesticides, hormones, drugs, etc). This process need special equipment and sophisticated expensive technology. NB could help to remove these substances by oxidizing them with OH radicals. We can demonstrate it as well in a pilot run.

5. Biofilm removal

Our NB technology is capable to remove biofilm build-up in  ultra, nano and RO membrane filtration systems. We can vastly reduce or even avoid the chemicals in these processes.

Example of pilot run on a real wastewater treatments plant

The best way to demonstrate the superior parameters of the NB aeration technology is a small to mid size wwtp plant with 2 or more parallel treatment trains where we can easily compare the data. Setting up the NB generation equipment onsite, we don't need to use the existing fine or coarse diffusers, we just use our NG generator is recirculating pump. For continuous mixing we need to install a temporary mixing solution (submersible mixer or similar) to maintain the biomass motion. The DO level can be measured easily, as well the recirculating pump and the air compressor energy usage, so the process efficiency can be calculated. This way its easy to compare the efficiency and energy usage of the NB aeration with the existing technology and savings can be calculated.

Example: in advanced biological treatment process with full bio oxidation, nitrification and denitrification the oxygen need is 0,1 kg O2/PE/day, means we need 0,1 kg oxygen for one people equivalent daily. For a year one PE needs 36,5 kg O2. @ 3kg O2/kwh SOTE efficiency one PE needs 12,16 kWh yearly, @ 0,12 EUR/kWh average electrical energy cost in Europe we get 1,46 EUR/PE/a, means the aeration cost for a year for every involved person is 1,46 EUR. For 450 million Europeans (post Brexit) it a huge cost of 657 million EUR yearly.
In comparison with NB aeration we can easily achieve at least 8 kg O2/kWh value, means we reduce 1,46 EUR/PE/a to 0,55 EUR/PE/a.
What does it mean on a whole European level? It means we could save in Europe 410 million EUR year by year just by replacing the conventional aeration with NB aeration !

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