Lake remediation

Well known fact that providing dissolved oxygen to the lower layer of lakes can improve water quality. Lakes can stratify thermally in the summer isolating the lower layer from the atmosphere. When that happens, aerobic bacteria can consume the dissolved oxygen that can trigger danger for aquatic animals.
Internal origin of nutrients comes from the lake/reservoir sediments. Phosphate attaches to sediments. When dissolved oxygen concentration is low in the water (anoxic), sediments release phosphate into the water column. This phenomenon encourages the growth of algae. The primary method of solving this problem has been aeration.

NB technology can help us to prevent algal blooms and save aquatic life. We pump water from the lake into the NB generator and return water laced with Nanobubbles to the lake. Nanobubbles are extremely small and negatively buoyant.  These bubbles disperse through the lake. As they "bump" into organic material, they attach and burst delivering oxygen. This action will also cause a hydroxyl radical to form and that chemistry can oxidize algae cells and the toxins they may produce. This can provide 24/7 algae control and remediate the the water body in some months.

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