nDrip® - the smart fertigation

Nanobubbles influence on soil properties
Nanobubbles influence on soil properties

NanoDrip® technology
NanoDrip® technology

Shortcomings of traditional fertigation technologies

Plant irrigation with low efficiency
Intensive farming technologies (hydroponics, vertical farming, green house) needs much higher oxygen level at the root zone of the plants to meet the higher rates of nutrient uptake. The conventional irrigation protocols can't ensure this elevated oxygen level, becoming a limiting factor for plant growing.

Biofilm and fouling
Biofilm layer on plant roots impede the uptake of nutrients and produce a medium for harmful bacterial growth and root rot. The mineral and bacterial deposits impact the irrigation infrastructure and by clogging the nozzles causing uneven flow or blocking it totally.

Harmful chemicals
Growers nowadays use too much harmful chemicals to clean the irrigation network and prevent biofilm formation, causing big environmental problems

Our Solution
Our NanoDrip® Smart Fertigation technology based on Nanobubbles, solve all the problems with the conventional irrigation technologies.
We generate tiny oxygen nanobubbles and mix it to the surface/subsurface irrigation network with high precision. Additionally, we can add to the irrigation water Liquid fertilizers, and as a novelty PGPB (Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria) solution prepared in situ with NBO2 water. We can use Agro-Meteorological Data Collecting system coupled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to fine tune the NanoDrip® Smart Fertigation system

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