We are the Nanobubbles Europe startup company

We have developed a revolutionary, cutting-edge gas absorption technology based on the Nanobubbles.
Using the amazing properties of Nanobubbles, we have opened up a new dimension to this process, which is extremely important in the industry. We significantly increased the efficiency of gas absorption and reduced the energy requirements of the process.

We can offer up to 60% energy and maintenance cost savings

What are Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles (NB) are nano-sized gaseous particles in liquids. They have very special and beneficial properties comparing to macro and microbubbles.

  • Huge surface to weight ratio
  • No buoyancy - following the Brownian motion
  • Negative charge with -30 - 40 mV
  • Extended lifespan
  • High internal pressure

The above properties make NB very useful and beneficial in many new technological applications

How do we create Nanobubbles?

NB can be generated in many ways, the appropriate method is selected according to the goal to be achieved:

For high volume applications (water body remediation, wastewater aeration, cooling water treatment, aquaponics) we use hydro-dynamical and shearing force split based NB generators, for small volume applications ( hydroponics, NBO3 disinfection, medical applications) ceramic membrane based NB generators.

The average size of the generated Nanobubbles is 125 nm +/- 20 nm, the density is 4-5 x 10 * 8 (ten to the eighth power)

Both type of our NB generators have been validated at the Seoul National University, South-Korea and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

For hydro-dynamical type NB generators we use multi-phase vortex pump and Shearing force or Loop flow mixing chamber, for ceramic membrane type NB generators Silicon carbide tubes with 80 nm porous membrane structure.

click to watch our video on NB generators

What Nanobubbles can do for us?

Actually we focus on these most important NB applications in the environmental engineering:

  • Wastewater treatment by NB technology - our revolutionary NB aeration and flotation technology dramatically improves the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process, enabling to remove 99% TSS, 96% COD, saving up to 75% of biological treatment volume we might need. The energy costs are cut by 40-50% read more...
  • Biofilm removal and descaling in heat transfer systems (cooling towers, district heating pipe network), resulting 40-55% energy and maintenance cost savings read more...
  • Lake and river remediation by oxidizing the sediments, preventing algal blooms and saving aquatic animals life read more...
  • Quick oxidation of all residual organic materials in water (hormones, drugs, medicines, pesticides etc), by creating a large number of OH radicals when NB are collapsing, after this reaction only H2O and O2 remain. read more ...
  • Irrigation water enrichment with NBO2 oxygen nanobubbles supporting the growth of plants in greenhouses, hydroponics and vertical farming read more...
  • and more applications

We can make a pilot run for you to show our NB technology

Nanobubbles Europe is supported by EIT Food, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

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